cPanel Price Changes

Previously, cPanel had only two tiers of licencing, that being ‘Dedicated’ or ‘Virtual’ based on the type of platform being utilised. All these plans were a flat fee for unlimited accounts. Part of what made cPanel great was this pricing structure, as it allowed us to have a level playing field for all customers no matter if they had 1 account or 1000 on their servers.

What’s changing

cPanel dropped a bombshell a few months back that changed the pricing drastically. Instead of having a simplistic structure, overnight they changed it to account-based licencing whilst maintaining the virtual and dedicated models.  In some cases, it’s been reported of up to 800% increases to licence costs for some providers, which ultimately has led to some either closing or rapidly attempting to migrate to a different panel. There was no forewarning or discussions prior to the announcements.  The industry was not consulted with whatsoever in regards to any changes.

Read more: https://blog.cpanel.com/announcing-account-based-pricing/

It is worth noting that this does not affect our shared web hosting plans, as we will absorb the increase in this change. 

The new pricing, effective from 1st October 2019 is as follows:

Virtual (VPS):

1-5 accounts: $25 per month
6-30 accounts: $35 per month
31-50 accounts: $45 per month
51-100 accounts: $55 per month

(* updated 28-3-2020)

> 100 accounts: + $10 per month per block of 50 accounts

*All prices are displayed in AUD and inclusive of GST



1-100 accounts: $49.95 per month (no increase).

> 100 accounts: + $10 per month per block of 50 accounts

*All prices are displayed in AUD and inclusive of GST


Going forward…

We’ve been working with account managers and senior cPanel staff to help reduce the impact. Upon looking at our account, we believe the majority of customers will be unaffected as they are in the first tier. For those that have a lot of accounts, we intend on still supporting cPanel but will soon start offering additional panels, such as DirectAdmin & Apnscp panel. Security is one of our highest priorities when offering these additional options and we believe these are the best alternatives.

We will be attending the cPanel conference this year where we intend on expressing our displeasure on behalf of us & our loyal customers. Net Virtue will still continue with cPanel for the foreseeable future however with the surge of alternative panels coming to market we will keep all options open.