Equinix Sy4 now here!

The biggest single investment in Net Virtue’s history is here.


We’ve negotiated and secured a private suite/cage inside Equinix’s brand new facility SY4, located near the Sydney CBD. This allows us unparalleled security, access and flexibility which lets us deliver the best colocation service in the industry.

However, it takes more than a private suite to provide the best service which is why we’ve:

  • Heavily invested in our new Brocade network core
  • Increased capacity through adding Equinix Transit into our BGP blend along with additional DDOS mitigation.
  • Colocation Requests, from ordering, incoming shipment requests, smart hands and access requests are all automated in nvArea. We have some immense development happening here and we’ll announce the new features within the next 3 months.
  • 24/7 Network Operations, there is nothing worse than needing immediate support on a network issue and not being able to get the support you need.


Due to our rapid growth that we’ve had this year, this is a significant step for us and allows for new product lines and acceleration in our existing and new offerings.

Equinix SY4 is a large-scale, purpose-built facility. At full-build, it will provide 3,000 cabinets and over 12,600 square metres of colocation space. A dark fibre loop between SY3 and SY4 will provide connectivity between the sites providing additional redundancy for all Net Virtue customers.  SY4 is the 146th Equinix data centre globally.


We expect to have our new colocation plans available next week.