IPv6 is now live

I proudly announce that we now have IPv6 connectivity for the NetVirtue website.  While we understand that there isn’t much demand for IPv6 connectivity (Internode is the only ISP to support it natively), we want to ensure that we are in-front of the competition by having IPv6 enabled on our corporate services and being ready for when IPv6 does become active by default.


For those who have IPv6 enabled can use netvirtue.com.au (which has AAAA records attached) or ipv6.netvirtue.com.au.


For those wondering when IPv6 connectivity is coming for shared hosting, unfortunately this is a while away yet as cPanel does not support dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 at this time. You can learn more about IPv6 here: http://www.worldipv6launch.org/faq/


All VPS servers come with 5 IPv6 addresses free and we can custom tailor a dual stack IPv4 & IPv6 hosting solution.