New nvArea features!

We have now launched the latest string of nvArea which releases 3 new features!


Domain and Hosting Move feature: 


This is a great tool when you wish to move a domain or a hosting service over to another party, simply log into nvArea -> Manage Hosting (or Domains) click Overview and click Move Service. This will allow you to move to an existing customer or create a new one. This makes moving domains and hosting easy with a completely automated system.


Domain Bulk Management:


A highly sought after feature and I’m glad to announce it’s now available for use! Customers can perform bulk renewals, bulk contact updates, export to CSV and bulk EPP codes. We hope this will make things easier for customers with large domain portfolios.


Security Check


We’ve built a complete security check tool which scans your hosting service for vulnerable files and alerts you to their path. This is a great tool for keeping on top of security issues and potentially finding problems before they turn into major issues. Our security check database will be updated regularly to find new types of exploited files. You can access the Security Check tool under Mange Hosting Services -> Click Action -> Click Overview and click Security Check.


As we continue to roll out new features, we ask that if there is any feature that you’d like to see in nvArea to please let us know at feedback@netvirtue.com.au!