New upgrades to Net Virtue

Hi All,


We’ve recently made an array of new upgrades to our nvArea and still plenty more to come.


Customers that have signed up to the SMS system can now receive SMS messages when domains are about to expire. We’ve found this to be a really useful tool when email notifications may fail (if the registrant contact isn’t kept up to date). We are providing this service free of charge for all Net Virtue customers.


Free monitoring is now available inside our nvArea and is now out of beta. This gives you free monitoring to monitor your websites the moment it goes down. You can add any website and any IP to monitor as long as you’re a Net Virtue customer.


And one of our biggest upgrades is, Free DNS Hosting for ANY domain. All you need to be is a Net Virtue customer and you can take advantage of this free service! This DNS service supports full A, AAAA, SRV, MX, TXT & CNAME records.

We’ve recently done some major upgrades to our DNS service and it’s now better than ever.


We really hope you enjoy the new additions, we have a lot more coming over the next few months including Melbourne VPS servers and more Brisbane VPS stock.