Our new website, nvArea & so much more is finally here!


Yes – it’s taken a while


Due to the massive upgrades we’ve made over the last couple years (more on this later!), our website and nvArea didn’t quite get the attention it deserved when it came to a facelift. So here’s what’s new.


Website and Logo


Apart from an obvious visual improvement, we’ve added a lot of new products and features in. One being the new Pay Invoice on the home page which allows anyone to make a payment on an invoice which is one of our most requested features!  We’ve also revamped our knowledge base/FAQs, and simplified our hosting plans.


nvX Hosting


When only the best will do. Our new nvX range is designed for high traffic sites where downtime is simply not acceptable. To this effect, we’ve used only the best Dell hardware, with the fastest SAS SSDs and bundled that with our new Hyper-V cloud which automatically keep the sites up even if a server goes offline. This keeps downtime and data loss to an absolute minimum and we’ve guaranteed that with a 99.999% SLA (approx. 5 minutes per year).

Each server is only loaded with 50 accounts which allows ample resources for any site that gets a burst in traffic.



Fully Managed VPS

Our fully managed VPS platform replaces our server management options which allow us to focus on providing exceptional service and being able to maintain the whole supply chain on a VPS from the licensing to ensuring multiple layers of backups. Every managed server comes with 2 levels of backups, similar to our shared hosting with full image backups for fast recovery in the event of hardware failure and JetBackup, which is great for you and your clients to restore files, databases or email.

We also include Imunify360 to the mix which provides a complete protection suite for denial of service attacks, malware cleanup and proactive defence for stopping exploits in their tracks.



Office 365 Email Hosting

Office 365 Business Email has been added to our suite of services and compliments our Australian cPanel web hosting.  Our in-house email hosting solution, whilst popular with some, will be grandfathered for the time being.



nvArea 3.0 – aka our Customer Portal


nvArea 3.0 is now launched and this has been the biggest project we’ve ever undertaken. The entire code base has been re-done and a fresh new look on the front-end. Everything from top to bottom has been designed for ease of use and designed to simplify the experience. nvArea is now on track to have 4 major updates per year (one every 3 months), we’ve got lots planned for this and we’ll be keeping our blog updated with new features that come through.

If you have any feature requests, please do email feedback@netvirtue.com.au.



So what other upgrades have been completed?


Over the last month, we’ve made some of the bigger changes to our network and storage backbone. Every server has been live migrated and is now connected at 40gbits which backs into a 100G network.  The reason for this huge capacity increase is due to our new Microsoft Hyper-V platform which allows us to live migrate around issues and patches but also allows us to take incremental full image backups of every server.

We can now announce that every server now takes 6-hour backups of each server. Keeping in mind that these backups are not for end-user purposes, this is for disaster recovery in case the unlikely event a server fails. These backups are tested every 30 days and so far our largest servers can be restored in less than 2 hours which is significantly faster than previous restoration options through JetBackup.

Does this mean that JetBackup is being removed? 

No, in-fact, JetBackup has been improved by the faster network speed and brand new backups servers for the whole fleet which has reduced backup times significantly there too. JetBackup is still superior to any other cPanel backup option and we’re continuing to support this product well into the future.