Some additional new features!

Hi All,


I proudly announce some new features that we’ve implemented over the last week or two.


Firstly, we’ve implemented a firewall checker into nvArea. This gives you the ability to check any IP against our firewall to check if you are blocked (and then be able to remove it).


Secondly, we are now a Cloudflare partner and enabled cloudflare across our fleet. Cloudflare speeds up your entire website by distributing your content across the globe (on their CDN) across 23 datacenter locations globally.


Cloudflare reduces the bandwidth usage on your account and allows you to get the most out of your hosting account.




Thirdly, we’ve enabled a Google Apps module which allows you to setup Google apps automatically through the cPanel interface. Google apps is a powerful, secure and reliable email hosting solution which is free for 10 users (mailboxes).


We have many more additions coming to Net Virtue including more features in our nvArea.