The latest from Net Virtue

I hope all our customers have a great holiday period and enjoy a much deserved break!

Here at Net Virtue, we’re continuing to work over the holiday break to make preparations to our brand new product lines, website, and improving our servers.


2013 has been a great year for us and we’re continuing to improve and add more to our offerings. nvArea has been our biggest success with rebuilding our client area from ground up and providing features such as Domain Back ordering and Brand Protection which has been the envy of our competitors. 


So what’s can you expect from us next year?

LiteSpeed Web server:


This cutting edge web server will be installed our entire fleet! We aren’t just doing this on our business servers, every single customer of ours will get the features of an event driven web server which is 9 times faster than Apache and in-built DOS (Denial of Service) protection. We believe this a huge step for us and our customers and will definitely notice a huge difference in speed and uptime from our servers.


As you can see from the graphs, LiteSpeed provides a huge speed increase from a standard Apache 2.2 setup which is common with most cPanel hosting providers.


Each server will have a status notification next year when we intend on upgrading to LiteSpeed. We will keep you fully informed and up-to-date on how this progresses.



BlackLotus DDOS Mitigation is now LIVE!



DDOS attacks have been the cause of a number of outages this year and we set to mitigate this using an enterprise grade DDOS mitigation service. Black Lotus gives us 24/7, 365 days a year filtering on International traffic which ensures that you are 100% protected against attacks without any additional latency.

This is absolutely critical to all businesses to ensure that your business is not a victim of an attack and we’re glad to have this implemented without the need to increase our prices.



New nvArea Features:

We have a number of new features coming to our state of the art nvArea system. These brand new features will debut in January 2014:

  • Remote MYSQL allow (in cPanel and in the firewall).
  • CHMOD Permission fixes through nvArea
  • Self SSL installation and instant dedicated IP deployment.
  • Cloudflare Railgun support
  • New APIs for DNS, Domains, SSL certificates, Hosting and SMS.


New Status Service system:


Our new status system has been live for the last 2 weeks with a brand new notification system built in. Whenever there is an event that may affect your service, you will be instantly notified via email and twitter.


We’ve received a lot of good feedback regarding it and we’re continuing to improve communication between us and our customers.


As you can see, we’ve got lots planned over the next month  and many more next year which we will be revealing soon!


I wish you all the very best for 2014, thank you for your continued support.



Daniel Webber

Chief Executive Officer