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With the introduction of AutoSSL to cPanel, we have an easy solution for users to add SSL protection to their domains.
This can remove the need to purchase a 3rd party SSL Certificate from providers such as Comodo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, etc.

AutoSSL issues the certificates via file authentication.
You may notice a .well-known folder inside your domain directory.
This is what AutoSSL uses in order to authenticate your domain by creating a file.

Unfortunately, however, there are a few limitations with the cPanel SSL Certificates.

In order for cPanel to issue a certificate on your site, you must ensure the DNS of your domain resolves to your hosting account.
This means ensuring either an A record is pointing to the server IP, or the nameservers resolve to us.

Wildcard Domains/Wordpress Multisite

You are unable to use the certificates for this purpose
This is due to the fact that they are using wildcard DNS records, cPanel does not offer free wildcard certificates.

Certificates can only be issued for a single domain or subdomain.

There is no limit on how many certificates you can have.
This means that you can have an SSL for each addon domain or subdomain under your account.

SSL Certificates are only valid for 90 days.

You may notice this when viewing the SSL Certificate information.

This is normal with the cPanel issued SSL Certificates.
AutoSSL automatically renews the certificates a few days before they expire.
This will prevent you from encountering any downtime issues.

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