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How to Automatically Install an SSL

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How to Automatically Install an SSL


With nvArea, installing an SSL you purchased with us on to your hosting account with us is as easy as a few clicks.


Step 1: Log in to nvArea and click Hosting Services and then SSL Certificates in the sub-menu to view a list of your purchased Certificates.


Step 2: On the right side, click on the SSL you want to install.

Step 3: This will provide you with 2 configuration options.



Simple Configuration

The simple SSL configuration will give you the following box to choose the product you wish to install it on, and the personal data that should be on the SSL Order.


Hit the next box, which will prompt you to input the domain name.

NOTE: Ensure to enter the www version of the domain to cover both www and non-www version of the site.


Hit Next,

You will need to now go confirm the Approvers email account.

NOTE: You will need to be sure the email address is accessible and on the domain, examples of typical email addresses used are webmaster@, admin@, and administrator@ (this is to get the SSL order verification and Certificate itself.

Hit Complete configuration.

You will be sent an email to the address above to confirm the SSL Order, once confirmed, you can either install it via the nvArea or through the SSL/TLS icon in cPanel.

Advanced Configuration

Step 1: You will be prompted with a box to enter the CSR.  This is generated within your cPanel (or your own hosting provider, if not hosting with us).  For cPanel, you can go here to see the steps to generate this.


Once you enter it, click Next.

Step 2: Enter the Domain name you wish to use (ensure that when the CSR was generated, you included both www and non-www hostnames) and ensure you enter www with the hostname.


Step 3: Choose the Approver email and ensure that this is accessible.


When the email is received with this information you can either install it via the nvArea or through the SSL/TLS icon in cPanel.

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