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cPanel gives you the ability to setup a mailing list to send to multiple people in a specific list, for example, if you run a website that has a couple of different subjects, you could send an email to members of subject A using mailinglistA and subject B using mailinglistB.

To get started, to to the Mailing Lists icon in the Email section of cPanel.

When in the Mailing Lists icon you will be given the following options.

List Name


You will also be given the ability to use either a public or private Mailing List.

  • Private — Private archives exist for this mailing list. The administrator must approve subscriptions, and the Mailman interface does not display the mailing list.
  • Public — Public archives exist for this mailing list. The subscriptions are open and the Mailman interface displays the list.

Information to manage mailinglists (including the information above) can be found at HERE .

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