Auto Scale Up and Down

Don't wait days or even weeks to add more capacity, simply use our online portal and have the capacity ready to go in 5 minutes.

DDoS Mitigation

F5 DDoS mitigation for large scale attacks up to 2tbits per second included free.

Full API and Graphing

Automate your network operations with increasing/decreasing capacity on the fly.

Bandwidth Pooling

Pool your data between our Sydney & Melbourne locations for a flat fee.

Complete redundancy built in as standard

All too often purchasing transit is that redundancy is never standard and always an extremely expensive option, everyone at some point of time has been caught out by not having the redundancy they thought would be included.


Net Virtue IP transit customers enjoy:

  1. Redundant ports available by default with switch/router redundancy
  2. We have multiple carriers upstream, all with path redundancy
  3. DDoS protection included by default.

Customer simplicity and flexibility with high-speed, granular capacity on a single interface

Per GB or Per Mbit Allocations

Flexible billing options with small per GB allocations which is great for adding a backup transit provider to your BGP blend.

Cross Connect or Megaport Delivery

If you're not in an Equinix facility, simply just spin up a Megaport VXC to connect to us at 10gbit or more.

Commit and or 95th Rate Available

Enjoy additional flexibility with 95th billing rates or a flat price commit.

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Some common questions

Transit is global internet for service providers, ISPs and carriers.

We service Equinix facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. We can service any area in Sydney and Melbourne through Megaport.

Our ASN is 132680. You can see our BGP profile here:

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