50 Accounts Max Loading

With a maximum of 50 accounts per server, you're guaranteed unparalleled performance.

High Availability

Don't let a hardware failure get you down, nvX servers are replicated live to another server.

Advanced Security

Proactive defense, powered by Imunify360 gives complete protection and peace of mind to stop hackers in their tracks.

Only the best hardware goes into nvX Hosting

It all starts with the hardware, and we’ve spared no expense.

With Intel Platinum CPUs, Samsung SAS SSDs & Enterprise Dell Hardware you can be sure that you’ve got undoubtedly the fastest hardware available for your business.

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nvX hosting was designed for high-end, resource intensive websites.

All plans have a no lock in contracts with a 30 day money back guarantee

All prices are displayed in AUD and inclusive of GST

nvX plans include:

FREE SSL Certificates

100% automatic SSLs for all domains on your hosting service

FREE Hourly Backups

Don't lose a file again, with hourly backups and 30 days retention you'll be covered!

No Disk IO limits

Enjoy blistering SAS SSD speeds with no forced Disk restrictions slowing down your websites.

One click installations!

100+ of existing applications, platforms and software are available and compatible with our economy hosting.

Our 1-click app install makes it easy to build your site with the platform you love. We support all the common CMS platforms on our economy hosting. Contact our sales team if you’d like to confirm support for your CMS.

Let our expert team migrate your website...

Save the headaches and let us do the work. We have staff trained in moving cPanel accounts from external hosts to us and have completed ten’s of thousands successfully!

Have multiple accounts to migrate? Our friendly staff are here to help and can move as many accounts as you want.

The answer to your questions

Yes! These are the most common things we host, although we support almost all of the major CMS platforms.

We have PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.4 available. You can select your version that suits your hosting requirements.

We can offer a much higher uptime SLA as every hardware component is redundant. From internet carriers, routers, switches, and servers. This allows for multiple faults at once and allows the service to continue uninterrupted.

All of our plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Yes! We provide free cPanel to cPanel migrations which will copy all your data from your old host and bring it to us. This can be done with minimal downtime.

Find more answers to your questions.  Visit Our FAQ’s